The Restless Girls by Jessie Burton,#11 review

Publication date: 27 September 2018

 The twelve daughters of King Alberto, Queen Laurelia’s death is a disaster beyond losing a mother. The king decides his daughters must be kept safe at all costs, and for the girls, those costs include their lessons, their possessions, and most importantly, their freedom.

But the sisters, especially the eldest, Princess Frida, will not bend to this fate. She still has one possession her father cannot take: the power of her imagination. And so, with little but wits and ingenuity to rely on, Frida and her sisters begin their fight to be allowed to live on their own terms.

The Restless Girls is a sparkling whirl of a fairy tale–one that doesn’t need a prince to save the day, and instead is full of brave, resourceful, clever young women.

The Restless Girls is a rewrite of the classic “12 Dancing Princesses” except . . . these are savage and sassy warrior girls who are destined to rule the world. These little warriors are what I wished I had read growing up instead of the original fairytales where the princesses waited for princes to save them. I am so thrilled that in 2018, children will be able to read about princesses who don’t need saving from men because they already are little warriors themselves – they are warriors with tiaras and they will change the world.
I am captured by the beautiful writing and words the author used to paint black and white into images of life. They are stunning! The art in this book is a traditional fairytale kind that I see in my picture books growing up. It brought back some nostalgic memories of reading a tale in one go before bedtime. The biggest difference of this fairytale rewrite is the colour of people. THEY AREN’T WHITE! THEY ARE BROWN!
This is such a fresh take to a rewrite fairytale. I loved it so much!

“It was best to accept a mystery & not pull its wings off, like a brute might to a butterfly”


Growing up, I was very confused as to why are all the characters white. I’m really delighted that there is a fairytale with princesses of colour out in the world for little girls to read. The lessons learned in this book are jewels in a magical forest (see what I did there?) They are lessons that little girls need to be taught at a young age in a light and heartwarming way.
I have to say though, for those who read the book, I love, LOVE Aariosta’s savageness (pg 104)! She’s the most savage one out of her sisters! Frida is the QUEEN! I stan a brilliant minded girl who has the imagination to dream AND have the guts to stand up for what she believes in.
To Quote, this book is a feminist fairytale of sisterhood, imagination, and bravery.

Shoutout to @definitelybooks for sending me a copy of this fantastic book. The cover is gorgeous. This book will be available at all good bookstores 💕#pansing

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