The Bookish Faerie ,why?




imaginary; mythical.
modifier noun: faerie; modifier noun: faery
“bookish faerie”

I find that I’m more comfortable walking around d in elf ears than with normal round ears. Is that strange? Probably. Probably not. *shrugs*

Hence, the decision to make The Bookish Faerie part of my brand. Faeries are whimsical. They are elysian to put it simply. There are many species of Faeries so that doesn’t limit my imagination of myself to just one particular form. If you follow me on instagram, @elysian_booksish, you can see that I love to make edits and take. Photos of myself as a faerie. And just like books where stories are endless & brimming with magic.

Books give readers an ability to dive into any world of their choice anytime,anywhere. The magic and mastery of being able to connect with the characters found between the pages is simply elysian.

Have a great day ahead to you!💖 Happy New Year & thanks for checking in.

By elysianbooksish

The Bookish Faerie who loves to read and write, and bake too

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