Lullaby Of the Universe by Anastasia Bell, #21 review

Lullaby of the Universe is a collection of thought-invoking poems, digging deep into the human conscience of pain and the self-realisations of sentient dreams. These are stories of stargazing and the journey between birth and destruction.

I cannot think of a better title for this book. It is indeed a Lullaby of the Universe. Anastasia’s poems are written with the thought of bringing attention to mental illness and thought-provoking situations. Her poems carry a lyrical feel with profound words that sing a melody to your heart.

There are three poems that I really love:

Pluto : a poem about clinging onto your dreams

Undeniable C(affeine)hemistry : a romance story set in a coffeehouse that is far too short. TOO SHORT! I need it as a full-length novel, at least 300 words pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Last Vestige of Voice : It reminds me of myself. It paints a wanderer and dreamer searching for something to hold meaning to and failed thus the want to get lost from reality and slip into fiction.

As someone who is fascinated by the universe, I enjoyed this supernova tremendously. Fellow Malaysias, please give this book a read. #SupportLocal

“Low key, kinda obvious that I’m fan of her”

A little extra?

Here’s a poem I wrote inspired when editing the image above:

I feel like my life is like a snow globe,
I’m dancing to my own rhythm on display for all to see,
In a pretty little topography.

When you shake it to see the snow falls down prettily,
You don’t know is that with every shake,
My world jiggles & spins.

When I hit the glass to escape the dizzyness,
Knowing I can never escape it,
For the glass is too thick,
And I am too little,
Too powerless,
I try still.

By: E-Lynn Kok, @elysian_booksish

Available in all local bookstores

By elysianbooksish

The Bookish Faerie who loves to read and write, and bake too

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