When the World didn’t End by Caroline Kaufman, #22 review

Publication date: 20 August 2019

Teen Instagram sensation and author of Light Filters In @poeticpoison returns with a second collection of short, powerful poems about love, forgiveness, self-discovery, and what it’s like living after a hard-fought battle with depression, in the vein of poetry collections like Milk and Honey and the princess saves herself in this one.

In her second book of poetry, Instagram sensation Caroline Kaufman—known as @poeticpoison—explores the shock, wonder, and beauty of an uncertain future.

When the World Didn’t End is a vivid account of trying to find a path forward while reckoning with the pain of the past, embracing imperfection, and unlearning the language of self-criticism.

It’s an ode to the awkward silence between goodbye and hanging up, to hearts that continue to beat after they’re broken, to the empty spaces that depression leaves behind. With vulnerability and insight, this powerful collection of short poems holds up a mirror to the doubt and longing inside us all.

This collection features completely new material plus some fan favorites from Caroline’s account. Filled with haunting, spare pieces of original art, When the World Didn’t End will thrill existing fans and newcomers alike.


what now?

how will you make the most of it?

how will you live the life you never thought you’d get the chance to see?

When the World didn’t End , I looked up from the blood stained ground with my mud caked face and freshly inflicted scares from the battle that ended moments ago. With the groans of agony and the tang of copper as my symphony, I looked at the clear blue sky as though they were God’s eyes telling me “The war is over, you’ve won. Now live.”. Sighing with a sob choked in my throat, I let the tears fall one last time. I’ve won, I’ve survived, and now I will live.

That’s what I read in this book. The slow journey of healing and learning to live with the shadow of the past. When the World didn’t End is the daylight of @poeticpoison world. She stepped into the daylight and let it go after the darkness shrouded her. Night will always come after the day ended but now at least she’s not afraid anymore for she has her own light in dark.

I’m especially happy for her. After falling in love with her first poetry book, Light Filters In : Poems, I love her and all I want for her is to be happy. I’m glad she’s there now.

As usual, I tabbed a lot of pages and wrote and drew little doodles.

they tell me

to be careful

with my words.

to dull my pencil down

before I use it.

but I will not listen.

watch me split the earth
with my bare teeth.
watch the glass shatter
from my resonance.

and watch me

use my middle finger

to sign my name

under it all.


By elysianbooksish

The Bookish Faerie who loves to read and write, and bake too

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