Divan of Shah by Shah Rizvi, #32 Review

Publication date: 31 October 2019

The Divan of Shah represents an unconscious longing for union within. The author tapped into the collective unexplored and perhaps his own realm of dreams. He ascribed those thoughts and feelings into poetry. This one is a thoughtful collection of poetic lines that invites the reader into the dimension of love, which happens to be the idea of a reflective mirror having no color yet for all colors of the embodiment are reflected back.

Many thanks to the author for sending me the E-book to review. Publication date: 31 October 2019

A Divan is known as a bed consisting of a base and mattress but no footboard or headboard. It is a long, low sofa also known as a sofa bed or day bed for one to rest on. So I suppose. This poetry book is the Divan for Shah to rest his feelings and emotions.

“You can never out run pain; only overcome it”

There are 100+ of poems and 100+ of quotes. After a poem, a quote follows. Sometimes the quote is relatable to the previous or next poem. It is quite random though. There is no certain way the poems and quotes are organised, I find that quite unpleasant as I prefer for poetry books to at least have some kind of a structure in which the poems are being showcased. The poems are written laced with different themes such as: romance, dance, advice, empowerment, loss and motherly love.

There are small illustration related to the poem at the beginning of each poem. I find that quite charming and artistic since most of the poems are about artisan & dance. There is a poem called “Once More”, it is about begging for the chance to be a better man to his lover. This poem reminds me of a song called “Better Man”, in which the lover wishes that her love was a better man so they could continue to be lovers. His poem “Once More” could be the poetic lyrics to the companion song. Now… someone go come up with the melody and finish the song 😂

“Sometimes a melody plays on heartstrings so deep that you can’t resist but hold hands with a beloved and dance the night away”

The song “Lover” by Taylor Swift comes to mind

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