DROPKICKromanceBook by Cyrus Parker, #33 review

Publication date: 2018

“dropkick this broken heart and make it feel again.”

From pro-wrestler-turned-poet Cyrus Parker comes a poetic memoir that tells the tale of two relationships. The first half of DROPKICKromance focuses on a toxic, long-distance relationship the author was involved in for several years, while the second half focuses on Parker’s current relationship with poet Amanda Lovelace, who penned a beautiful foreword for the book. This collection takes you by hand and brings you on a journey through first love, heartbreak, and learning to love again.

Reading this poetry book felt like I was snooping in someone’s very personal diary. It is very personal and I feel that this book definitely meant a lot to the author’s heart. Cyrus Parker is the husband to the bestselling poetry author Amanda Lovelace. His writing style is definitely influenced by Amanda. Although his poetry writing is nowhere are advance and clever as Amanda, in his own way, he managed to capture his emotions in pages of poetry.

This poetry book tells the story of two relationships. The process of falling in love with a women, their relationship status and the toxicity of it plus the effects it had on him during the break up progress and the eventual final last goodbyes. Then, the author takes you through his journey of finding himself again and the normality of before her, he slowly pieces himself back with each poem. Lastly, he met his lover, Amanda. His love and adoration for Amanda is stark in his writing. So romantic and full of pure love. I can only hope to find something as pure as their love one day.

So, you might be thinking. Why 3 stars after all that praise? Well, the storyline is there and all the feels are there but I don’t personally resonate with the poems as I have not experienced anything relatively similar so for me the feels weren’t quite there 😊. It is however, a lovely book to read when you want to read something without giving it too much thought and you want your heart to go awwwwww.

Great job on this collection. My expectation weren’t let down. Hope to see more from this author.

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