The Friends We Keep by Jane GreenThe Friends We Keepby Jane Green, #34 review

Publication date : 4 June 2019

The Friends We Keep is the warm and wise new novel from Jane Green, New York Times bestselling author of The Sunshine Sisters and The Beach House
Evvie, Maggie, and Topher have known each other since university. Their friendship was something they swore would last forever. Now years have passed, the friends have drifted apart, and none of them ever found the lives they wanted – the lives they dreamed of when they were young and everything seemed possible.
Evvie starved herself to become a supermodel but derailed her career by sleeping with a married man.
Maggie married Ben, the boy she fell in love with at university, never imagining the heartbreak his drinking would cause. 
Topher became a successful actor but the shame of a childhood secret shut him off from real intimacy.
By their thirtieth reunion, these old friends have lost touch with each other and with the people they dreamed of becoming. Together again, they have a second chance at happiness… until a dark secret is revealed that changes everything.
The Friends We Keep is about how despite disappointments we’ve had or mistakes we’ve made, it’s never too late to find a place to call home.

Thank you to @times.reads for sending me a copy of this ARC to review. This book comes out on the 4th of June 2019.

The Friends We Keep sticks true to the title of the book. It is about the decades-long friendship between 3 friends who met in college. We have Eevie, the child star, the fashionista of the group and the preppy one out of the three. She is half Jamaican, half American, eternally, drop dead gorgeous. Next, there is Maggie. She is the homey one, the one that will cook up a storm of food for three like Cloudy with a “Chance of Meatballs”. She is also really sweet and caring. Lastly, we have Topher. He’s bubbly like a bathtub filled with scented rainbow bubbles, a softie on the inside and he is gay. They are all beautiful characters with their individual personality. Each one of them has a secret that they carried from their childhood, that secret makes them who they are as a person.

“She would use her beauty and her clothes as armor, rise above it and refuse to let anyone see how much she hurt.”

The story starts off at 2016, in the POV of Maggie’s husband; Ben. They met in college & fell in love. Next, it went back in time to 1986 where it all began – the first day of college when the three musketeers met each other. At the beginning of every chapter, there is a year to help you keep track of what year it is in the book. It is like a diary of sorts, a diary containing the tales of these friends and their adventures of hardship and love in their lives throughout the years.

It is ultimately about the friends we keep through all the years since the first day of school. Of how some friendships are so strong that even after years of separation, it is still as strong as the first day they shook hands. It is about forgiving your friends for their mistakes, for learning to love them as a whole; all the glitter and rust. I must warn you that the novel is long, that is because their stories are worth every page. Happy reading!

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