Wrap Up

How much damage did I do in March?

Showcasing the 6 books I got in March

Now there,

I am contributing to the economy! In books. It is good for my country, good for the economy, good for me. And most certainly good for my TBR. They will have new friends to join them! I read 3 of the newly bought books this month! If you want to know how many books I read, click here.

Feat my wallet
Me double checking myself if I really should buy all the books

Answer: yes!

Here are the books I got from @bookaliciousmy, total cost RM200+

Yes, yes, I must get them all. And got them all I did. It was easily one of the bet days in March. Mainly because I went there with a bestie. My Princess Luna, Deidre💖. We talked and sang in the car ride. Talked even more in the bookstore with dear Leon. It was such a good day 😊

I got The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord in Popular bookstore. There was a discount so yay!

The total amount of $ spent on the books is:


Well, I don’t know the exact amount as I suck at keeping track of my spending in $. Will try to do better in April. Though… Considering that we are required to stay indoors until the 14th of April. I might not spend any money at all in fear of going out.

Dear Wallet,

You are herby saved from buying books



I’m taking your place

Oh dear… Let the great war begin, I guess… *gulps*

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The Bookish Faerie who loves to read and write, and bake too

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