An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni, #53 review

Publication date: 21 Apr 2018

I could find peace
in an ocean
of all the shades
of the colour grey

An Ocean of Grey by Kamalia Hasni explores the pain and aftermath of a love that was promised a forever but had ended too soon. The collection of poetry and prose also includes beautiful illustrations by the author’s friends who had helped her through her healing.

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Kamala Hasni takes heartbroken romantics through a story of recovering from the savage break up chasm of sadness in her poetry book – An Ocean of Grey.

Sharing this art because I love it

Art by @typotay (instagram)

This book is perfect, well, as perfect as it can be for someone who is deep in sorrow after a break up. There is no truly perfect poem or song or essay or anything in writing that can describe the exact amount of pain thar you go through during a break up. However, Kamala Hasni is close. Her understand of pain, depress and joy that comes after sad days reflects in her poems like light bouncing off mirrors. One way or another, I believe that you will feel something when you read her poems.

Especially since there are song recommendations at the end of each poem for reader to connect with each poem. There are also thought provoking pictures that follow the poems. I find that part tremendously exciting, it made me feel like I was walking in a gallery pausing to decode the art before moving to the next puzzle.

A very well made poetry book that shines with the tears and love Kamala Hasni stitched togetheršŸ’–

A poem that I albsolu) LOVE, sharing it here with you with hopes it I’ll intrigue you to reading the poetry book

You can now read this poetry book online thanks to @merakipress, link in their bio on instagram to read it. It is only available until the end of this month. Happy readingšŸ’•

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