Artic Zoo by Robert Muchamore, #56 review

From London . . .
Georgia gets straight As at school, writes essays for fun, has been placed first in twenty-six drone races and has a serious addiction to buying Japanese stationery. She plans to follow her older sister Sophie and become a doctor, but her worldview is shattered when Sophie commits suicide.

To Lagos . . .
Julius lives in Ondo, a Nigerian state where half the population lives on less than a dollar a day. But he isn’t one of them. His uncle has been governor of Ondo for more than a decade and his mother is the power behind that throne. He finds refuge in a derelict zoo with best friend Duke, but as the two of them grow close, the world outside becomes more and more hostile.

Following two teenagers living very different lives, ARCTIC ZOO is a startling contemporary novel about protest, sexuality, mental heath and flawed leadership, from the bestselling author of CHERUB.

Thank you to @definitelybooks for sending me a copy of this book.

Georgia is a straight-A student in High School. She’s a drone racing champion. She plans to study hard in school and become a doctor just like her older sister. A sudden tragedy happened – her sister killed herself. She left her father, mother, and Georgia a note. That note changes Georgia’s view on everything. She spontaneously decides to join a protest and ends up on the front pages of various newspapers. Her fame makes her the teenage face of the UK revolution. Thanks to her newfound fame, she decides that she will use this to implement change.

Julius is the son of a powerful woman behind the state governor for more than a decade in Ondo, a Nigerian state. Their family is full of corruption and they secretly laundered money from the government and the citizens. Julius doesn’t approve of his family’s occupation. He is a very down to earth guy despite coming from a super-rich family.

Artic Zoo tells the stories of two teenagers in two different countries under two different governments and lives. The dynamic of their lifestyle is extensive. If you like to know more about revolutions, politics and powerful contemporary fiction, I highly suggest you try this book

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