Into the Crooked Place(Into the Crooked Place #1)by Alexandra Christow, #57 review

Publication date : 1 October 2019

Into the Crooked Place begins a gritty two-book YA fantasy series from Alexandra Christo, the author of To Kill a Kingdom.

The streets of Creije are for the deadly and the dreamers, and four crooks in particular know just how much magic they need up their sleeve to survive.

Tavia, a busker ready to pack up her dark-magic wares and turn her back on Creije for good. She’ll do anything to put her crimes behind her.

Wesley, the closest thing Creije has to a gangster. After growing up on streets hungry enough to swallow the weak whole, he won’t stop until he has brought the entire realm to kneel before him.

Karam, a warrior who spends her days watching over the city’s worst criminals and her nights in the fighting rings, making a deadly name for herself.

And Saxony, a resistance fighter hiding from the very people who destroyed her family, and willing to do whatever it takes to get her revenge.

Everything in their lives is going to plan, until Tavia makes a crucial mistake: she delivers a vial of dark magic—a weapon she didn’t know she had—to someone she cares about, sparking the greatest conflict in decades. Now these four magical outsiders must come together to save their home and the world, before it’s too late. But with enemies at all sides, they can trust nobody. Least of all each other.

Thank you so much to @definitelybooks for this outstanding read.

Where do I even start??? Into The Crooked Place by Alexandra Christo did not fail to put me on the edge of my seat. I am so honoured to have an ARC of this book. ITCP took place in the city of Crejie, it is the world where A Darker Shade of Magic meets Six of Crows.

In the city of Crejie, not all is what it seems. Like a new magical elixir that started causing havoc. Tavia Syn was plucked from the streets by the Underboss when she was an orphan, she was conned into a lifestyle that she didn’t agree with. It was to be a busker or to starve to death in the cold. She grew up side by side with Wesley, both of them trained to be buskers and fighters. When grown, she spends her days avoiding other crooks and slowly paying back her debt to the Kingpin. After she sold the elixir to a rich man, the crime rates in the city rose. In that, she discovers an evil plan that threatens to end the realm condemning everyone to bow to the wicked Kingpin. With that four of Crejie’s most dangerous crooks banded together to pull off the coupe of a lifetime to save people by the masses from the Kingpin’s tyranny.

“His face was obscured by a large top hat that hid everything except his mustache, but Tavia took note of his suit and how his broad chest puffed out, like just standing was something he excelled at.”

Alexandra Christow, Into the Crooked Palace

In this epic book we are introduced to our moody babies who will undoubtedly stab you if you call them cute:

Tavia : she is Crejie’s best busker, the best person to have your back and the person to take home the best sass award. As a busker, her job is to sell magic charms, and wow, she does it like a street magician. Her performance is captivating, exciting and she engages in her audience. It is no wonder that she’s the best. She is tough as nails and she will fight to kill. Warning, do not provoke unless you have a good reason.

Wesley: a son of a bitch. A real bastard, he gives the word bastard a whole new meaning of idiotcy. To get his promotion to be an Underboss, he had to kill his former Underboss. Was the situation he was put in valid for him to kill? Not really, but he did it anyway because that’s who he is. He will always want to save his skin. He is strangely loyal to Crejie, the city who was nothing but harsh to him and made him a monster from the slumps. To him, the city made him into something to be reckoned with from nothing. It is his city, he created it, and he will protect it at all cost.

Karam: she is a warrior from Granka exiled from her people by her father because she wanted to go to looking for a fight to protect people in a time where there isn’t a fight. Since then, she works for Wesley as his bodyguard. She also participates in underground fighting, her motto is ‘ Kill first, forget to ask questions later ‘, not recommended if you ask me. Though in the city of Crejie, it happens more often than the authorities investigating into murders. She is steel itself, get too close and she will cut you.

Saxony: a Crafter. Crafters are people who can create magic out of nothing, there are different types of Crafters to identify their magic. Saxony is in Crejie to find her lost sister; Zekia. She wounded up working for Wesley somewhere along the way. Saxony will stop at nothing to avenge her family and her people who were killed during the war. Many think that her kind was extinct, so her true identity is kept a secret.

Since I was lucky enough to get an ARC (also secretly cursed by the bookish gods), I have to wait until…. Maybe 2020 if I am lucky or 2021 to read the 2nd installation of this epic series. *bookish temper tantrum* UGhHHh, YoU CaNt Do ThIs To Me!!! I highly recommend this book to everyone, EVERYONE. You’ll never regret picking this baby up, maybe you might because you’ll flail from their badass-ness since they are well… babies who need to be babied properly, like given a cookie or hug once in a while since Crejie is no place for a softie. I cannot wait for this book to enter the bookish realms and take over it, watch out for these four characters because they are about to steal your hearts.

Thank you to @definitelybooks once more, I enjoyed this book tremendously.

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