On and On by Nisa Kamarudin, Review #59

Publication date : 2019

On & On started as a confession corner created by a teenager growing up with many unspoken questions and confusions. Most of us have unexpressed thoughts hidden deep inside our hearts while we trudge on with our daily lives. The poems in On & On plot the journey of the teenager from valleys of doubts, fears and failures to heights of hope, courage and the abilty to cope with uncertainties by being true to oneself and moving on to discover one’s real abilities.

Each poem is accompanied by a picture taken by the author; the pictures are there to complement the feelings expressed in the poems. Most of the photography is nature-based as the author aims to let the reader discover how they can learn much from their natural surroundings. The pictures will show that everyone’s world is different, depending on how we decide to see and react to things. Throughout the book, the readers will be able to experience the healing journey of the narrator.

At first glance on the book cover and title, I wondered if the name and chosen image of the sea had a deeper meaning that would intertwine with the contents of the book. On and On is a poetry book written by Nisa Kamarudin that shares with us her experience of life and finding her identity. It is a picturesque book (the book is square 😉 see what I did there!) featuring poems accompanied with photographs taken by the author herself. I find that the book is suitable for readers age 12 or maybe even 11 if their language understanding capabilities are advanced enough to 19/20 at college. This is because the poems in the book are arranged to take readers from the start of her journey when she was younger to the present – in college. Thus older, more prepared and seasoned for what the world has to offer.

The book is divided into four chapters:
。A Mess
。Finding Courage
。Put Your Glasses On

The four chapters of Nisa’s life and yours that you will find in the pages. It is the tale of what every person will go through in life. They will first be a mess. Then, they will find courage through friends and family or books. With them in their arsenal, they will rise slowly. Put their glasses on and face the world without trepidation.

Poetry is very personal for everyone, which is why it takes great courage to share it with others. A poem in “Put Your Glasses On” relates to the book cover, there was a photo of the sea on the left page. The poem itself is very raw and candid. It is thought-provoking and it left me thinking of how the sea is very repetitive. The waves push up the shore only to withdraw itself back into the ocean, that monotonous motion that keeps going On and On. It is simply the motion of life itself.

Look at the past.

It is like the sand,
Swept away by the waters,
To lay the bed for the broad sea.

How you live every passing moment,
Builds the bed you will lie on today.

A huge thank you to Nisa for sending me her book for an honest review. You can find her book in MPH Nu Sentral, Gerak budaya, silverfish bookstore ☺️ and you can purchase it on (click to be directed to website).

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