Dancing Souls by Sharifah Nadirah, #63 review

The genre for “Dancing Souls” falls under the category of poetry. The poetries touch on emotions and feelings of a person whom is sailing the journey of life.

The writing of a candid, honest to God female warrior that plays with the element of fire on her paintbrush as she paints the world with words and stars that bleeds hearts of others.

As I read as through each poem, the candor of her feelings are in the words she wrote page after page, we go through the works of a Dreamer that thinks as big as her dreams. This one is for the Dreamers, for the ones that are searching for hope, for the ones that are journeying and for the ones that went through it all battered on the outside but strong inside.

“Emotions can create a beautiful artwork, may all of us deserve our happy ever after.”

Her emotions has created the beautiful artwork of this poetry book, I hope she has found her happy ever after.

There are several poems about God and her faith, some may not enjoy those unless they have a connection with their own religion. Slight warning on that. Other than that, please give it a read

Please dm the author on instagram to purchase the book. @s.n_writes__

Two poetry pieces that I like from the book

By elysianbooksish

The Bookish Faerie who loves to read and write, and bake too

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