A Leap of Faith by Sharifah Nadirah, #64 review

This is an ebook produced from a mini book project by Sharifah Naadhira that contains 20 pages uplifting/inspirational/motivational words for the soul.

Sharifah Nadirah has a way of writing that is uniquely authentic. Thank you so much for sending me your book. You can dm her on instagram to purchase it. In this book, she writes short inspirational passages that are similar to titled note memos you may find in a writer’s phone notepad. A series of notes that carry little when read as a single piece but if you read it together in this book, it feels like reading a carefully worded series of letters organised to tell a very important message which is – taking a leap of faith.

To take a leap of faith in yourself and in faith. This book is best suited for people who are having trouble finding faith or people ho hold on to their faith as tightly as a newborn holds on to the mother.

I really enjoyed the piece titled “Tired”. I’ve been feeling tired about everything lately. After an obstacle, there is a hill, then a Moutain. It goes on and on. A sentence from that piece stuck with me:

“We choose to overcome the obstacles because there’s a voice inside of us that tells us to not give up in life. That is the whisper of faith.”

“Tired”, A Leap of Faith by Sharifah Nadirah

A lesson I’m m taking away is that we should leap with faith with the whisper of motivational words to power is. Now, please allow me be to curl up in a blanket of stars way from the world πŸ’™πŸ’œ

“Tired”, A Leap of Faith by Sharifah Nadirah

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