How to edit a book cover pdf on a book

Heyooooo. Many of you have requested that I create a tutorial on how I edit a book cover pdf on top of a real book in my photos. Here we goooooooo, buckle your seat belts!

There are many benefits to this photo editing skill, example:

。If you poor, like me, you can “pretend” you have the book

。You can save money

。Challenge yourself!! 😤

。When a publisher sends you an e-book but you want to post a photo on Bookstagram that has the Real Deal

。Creativity, explore, youngling!


Answer: I cast a spell with my witchy powers & pray to the Gods it works…
KIDDING! Here’s how:

1) Take a photo with a book decoy

2) Open your photo editing app. I use PicsArt, you can download it from App Store/ Play Store. I use this since I do not have a proper editing software on computer. I edit on my phone. This app is free, you can buy premium to unlock other features. However, I find that you can do many things even without premium. I don’t have premium and look at me! I can cast magic spells to change book covers. MUAHAHHAH

3) Tap “add photo”, click on the book cover pdf you want. You can find HD book covers on pintrest, download from Google or even from the book publisher website.

4) Position the book cover pdf on top of the book decoy.

Looks legit riteeee?

This is because of the shadow from the book decoy. It adds an extra kick to Realismland :))

4) Now, we’re gonna take it a step further! You can stop at Step 3. If you want it to be more realistic, proceed…

Tip : Have a prop slightly cover the book cover as an overlay

Tap the Erase button.

Okay, time to erase and paint over back and forth until you erase parts of the book cover that are meant to be hidden underneath the prop (flowers, necklaces, more books???). You can adjust the size of the brush to help you. Adjust the hardness of the brush to help you blend the photo as well. For a more detailed part of this, watch my igtv on my Instagram / Bookstagram, @elysian_booksish.

5) Now dance around in a circle wearing elven crowns and sing your heart out. You’re done!!!

Give yourself a clap as well!!

6) Add your watermark or you can leave it as it is. Now, you’re done! Magic spell is a success!! 😊

Note: If you want, you can add a filter / preset filter from editing apps available for download on App Store / Play Store. You can also edit future on Snapseed, a photo editing app that I find very useful.

Here’s my final photo:

Thank you for reading my blog post, I hope it was not overly long for you.😂 Check out my igtv for the video tutorial, @elysian_booksish

By elysianbooksish

The Bookish Faerie who loves to read and write, and bake too

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