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The Wing Thief by Samantha Atkins, Book Tour + #98 review

Woah! You read that right! Welcome to my first Book Tour Stop🌿

You know me as The Bookish Faerie, of course I had to join a Faerie book tour! That’s very on brand for my whimsy fae soul. And it was such a delight to read the book! Continue scrolling down for my review but first! Here’s a bit about the author!

Samantha Atkins currently lives in Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales, with her partner, Layla, and their two children. The family have two dogs, Stella and Lexi, who have helped keep their step counts up during lockdown.

Samantha loves to read in her spare time and is this year taking part in the 52 Book Club: 2021 Reading Challenge. Her favourite genre is fantasy, with some of her favourite books being ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and ‘The Hunger Games’, although she does enjoy the occasional period drama.

Being a kid at heart, Samantha has a huge love of Disney movies and is able to sing most Disney songs word for word – one of her most wasted talents. She’s also a big fan of the TV show ‘Once Upon a Time’.

She enjoys going out to see shows, particularly musicals, and is looking forward to visiting the theatre again once reopened.

Samantha is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and hopes to encourage others to embrace their diversity and be confident in themselves.

Now on to the review!

Publication date: 31 January 2021

Let me ask you a question. It’s a pretty straight forward question, but one that you shouldn’t rush to answer. Do you believe in magic?

Vista wanted two things: adventure and freedom. But nothing could prepare her for the fall that would change everything. In a single moment, Vista’s comfortable life in the Home Tree is over and she must find a way to survive in the forest alone. She soon learns that not everyone can be trusted and now she must race to save the family she left behind.

In a forest filled with magic and trickery, just how far can a flightless fairy go?

Available on Kindle

This delightful book is the kind of forest core people used to read before it became an aesthetic. It is organic and earthy, utilising the setting nature has provided to craft a scene. I adore how down to earth it is. It makes imagining so much simpler and magical when you strip down the overly complicated High Fantasy Books(even though the world building is phenomenal) to the basics where everything started out as folklore and faerie-tales.

The HomeTree of Letherea, strongly gives me the feeling of Pixie Hollow. Even the first paragraph feels like the enchanting introduction of Pixie Hollow:

Sometimes we all need a Little Folk tale to remind us of the importance of plain things that are hard to come by – Trust, True Friendship, Bravery. This book is a great middle grade read for those who long to prance around in a whimsical forest poking for an adventure! Especially during lockdown where we’re all stuck in this horror of a pandemic that is still on going after a year +

Thank you to @smashbearpublishing and @samantha.v.atkins for the Book Tour, you can get her book on kindle🌟 stay safe & magical 🧝‍♀️🌸🌼🌿

‘We’re all losing our minds, Miss Vista,
don’t worry ‘bout that. Every day we get a little bit older, an’ a little bit crazier. That’s why
it’s nice we got each other now ain’t it?’

The Wing Thief by Samantha Atkins
Heheheh, can you spot me (edited) in the book cover?

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