Kate in Waiting ,#113 review

Publication date: 20 April 2021

Contrary to popular belief, best friends Kate Garfield and Anderson Walker are not codependent. Carpooling to and from theater rehearsals? Environmentally sound and efficient. Consulting each other on every single life decision? Basic good judgment. Pining for the same guys from afar? Shared crushes are more fun anyway.

But when Kate and Andy’s latest long-distance crush shows up at their school, everything goes off script. Matt Olsson is talented and sweet, and Kate likes him. She really likes him. The only problem? So does Anderson.

Turns out, communal crushes aren’t so fun when real feelings are involved. This one might even bring the curtains down on Kate and Anderson’s friendship.

Kate in Waiting is the only Love Triangle book I will read.

Best friends Kate and Anderson are in a communal crush with the same guy. They both really like the same guy. And I can’t blame them, Matt Olsen is the poster model for the ideal boyfriend. Even I got a crush when reading the book.

It has always been Kate and Andy from the start, two best friends who are in the Drama clique in school. With their band of dramatic friends, they are set! One thing: they swear off f-boys. F-boys are jocks that think with their di(ks, fk around with girls and play cruel pranks. Second thing: Matt Olsen. Now class, put him in the drama scene with Kate and Andy, what is the answer to the equation? More Drama.

This is a super easy book to read. It is fun and light-hearted while rolling with their theme of friendship and LGBT. Yepp, you might think it will be an all romance, teenage love type of book. Yes, it is. However, what stands out most is the HEALTHY platonic relationships in the book. Kate and Andy have strong feelings for the same dude, at the same time they vow that their friendship comes first, their love and respect for one another above all else. We also see Kate and her brother, Ryan trying to spend more time together as Ryan is leaving for college after Summer. Lastly, we have the group of girlfriends (including Andy) that support one another and are each other’s serotonin boost.

Also, the amount of ☀️Tangled☀️ references in this book is insane. It is not surprising that after 11 years since its release, it is still making an impact and growing the fan base. Punzel and Flynn, OTP, I wanted that when I was a smol girl and I still want that now as a 21-year-old. Tangled is Katerson (Kate x Anderson) favourite movie. And you can read how their passionate attachment for it seeps through the pages.

"Those paper lanterns. And the boat. And the song. It's my favourite part of the movie, the part I most know by heart. It's almost unbearably romantic - and I don't even mean the hand-holding part or the almost-kiss or the massive amounts of mutual eyegasming. It's before that. It's the part where Rapunzel catches that first glimpse of a lantern, and that's it. She's totally lost. She almost knocks the boat over, scrambling to get a better viewpoint. And for the entire first verse of the song, the screen doesn't even cut to Flynn Rider, because she's completely forgotten about him. It's just Rapunzel and the lanterns. She's standing there, clutching the prow of the boast, and at one point, she does this exhale. Like the world's so beautiful, she can't take it.
And then she suddenly remembers Flynn, who's been quietly watching her the whole time. Holding back, not intruding. He's just there for her when she's ready. Anderson thinks it's hilarious that my number one romantic fantasy involves me forgetting the boy exists, but to me, it just shows how safe Rapunzel feels with Flynn. Her brain doesn't even have to remember he's there, because some bone-deep part of her knows it. And there's that beautifully obvious contradiction. The way being wrapped up in someone can make you more free. The wide-open safety of home"


I can foresee this as a movie since the author – Becky Albertalli wrote: “Love, Simon”, which is now a Netflix movie. This book has the potential for an adaptation, the roots are already laid down and I’d love to see this as a movie for multiple reason:

1) Matt Olsen, the actor hottie will be out for everyone’s heart, new on-screen boyfriend!! Move over Noah Centineo. Huh, or maybe they will cast him.
2) Kate ever the driven and wildly talented performer and Andy the softball who wears his heart on his sleeve. AKA the ultimate BFFs teaching us a thing or two about friendship codes.
4) The Dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
5) We can all fangirl Tangled together. And so I can mostly point fingers to the screen and scream: I fking feel that when Kate says  “I may be unbearably clueless and an all-around hopeless case of a girl, but at least I didn’t fall for someone terrible. I have excellent taste in guys I can’t have”


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